Inpatient Information

Inpatient Information

Offering occupational, physical and speech therapy.

Inpatient therapy requires a short-term stay at our facility, ranging anywhere from a few days to couple of months (depending on the nature of the injury and amount of therapy required). An assessment by the rehabilitation team will determine the therapy program.

We are committed to giving each of our residents the highest quality of therapy. Evaluations are conducted throughout the treatment process to ensure that all goals are being met.

Our staff continually takes the time to educate the patient-as well as the family-throughout the entire treatment process, to ensure that once the problem is corrected, re-injury can be prevented.

For more information about our inpatient rehabilitation services, please contact (860) 623-4351.


For more information or to arrange an appointment, please call our Admissions Coordinator at 860-623-4351.