Rehab Overview

Rehab Overview

Physical therapy focuses primarily on pain relief, promoting healing and restoring function and movement (such as walking) associated with injury.

Occupational therapy is similar to physical therapy. However, it focuses more on assisting patients with performing routine daily tasks (such as sweeping the floor or preparing a meal).

Speech and language pathology evaluates, diagnoses and treats speech, language, cognitive-communication and swallowing disorders in individuals. This also includes strengthening facial muscles to provide for easier eating and swallowing.

A therapist will conduct a full assessment of your condition and pinpoint the cause and nature of your pain. The patient is encouraged to communicate with the therapist throughout the session to indicate if pain occurs and is never forced to proceed with an exercise beyond their tolerance of discomfort.

Rehabilitation is for anyone who needs it, regardless of their age, size, body mechanics or movement patterns. Generally, the most applicable candidates are those that have been in accidents, suffer from arthritis, pre- and post-operative patients and those with general deconditioning or strains.

With rehabilitation, a trained therapist will create a customized plan-specific to your needs-ensuring the quickest and safest possible recovery. You will also be thoroughly educated about your condition and be taught the proper exercises and activities that will improve your mobility and performance, while also decreasing your pain.


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