Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Bickford different from other nursing homes?
Our facility is a very unusual home mostly due to the philosophy and lifestyle we promote for our residents, staff and families. Our home is filled with animals, dog, cats, birds (parakeets, love birds, and cockatiel), fish, and rabbit . Children fill our home coming from the local grammar school, preschool academy, scouting troops. We have many wonderful volunteers, who enrich the lives of Bickford resident’s through our recreation department. Our holistic approach of care giving creates an environment where each member of our team is deeply involved with the care of the pets and residents. We promote wellness and activity for everyone regardless of where they are in their life cycle.

Do you have Rehabilitation?
We offer physical, speech, and occupational therapy to those residents who are in need of active rehabilitation. Additionally we have recreation, nutritional, social, and emotional therapy for those residents who have various needs throughout their stay with us. As a Skilled Nursing Facility we offer short-term rehab as well as hospice services, respite services, and outpatient therapy to our residents and families.

Can I bring some personal belongings with me from home?
We encourage residents to make their room and their immediate space as personal as they want with pictures, bedding, furniture and other effects they are comfortable with.

How’s the food and what’s there to do?
The menu offers a wide range of choices with many diets personally tailored to the individual. We offer three appetizing meals a day, snacks and encourage families to join us when they are able to. The residents go out to local restaurants monthly and have international days in house. From May through September we have weekly barbecues and enjoy creating new meals each week. Activities cover a wide range of interests including, Bingo, entertainment, outings including, shopping, dining, ball games, special events (Big E), the beach, and other facilities for sports competition. We offer sensory stimulation, music, arts and crafts and many other individual, as well as, group programs. Click here to view our monthly activity calendar.

What voice do residents have or their families for suggesting and participating in the facility?
The residents have an active Resident Council where the President, Secretary and Treasurer are residents of the facility and voted for by the residents of the facility. They meet monthly to discuss issues, make suggestions for the menu and for the recreation programs offered.

The families have a Family Council which meets quarterly, facilitated by the administration, to discuss issues and make suggestions for programs to meet the needs of families and residents. The meeting is a social gathering for all families and friends of the residents to get to know one another and the management staff at the facility.


For more information or to arrange an appointment, please call our Admissions Coordinator at 860-623-4351.